Monday, February 17, 2020

VidMate Apk 5.0.14

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VidMate Apk has been enjoying a great deal on popularity in the previous few months. The recent updates have only upped user ease, and I figure that could be another contributing reason to the spurt in inquiry about the app. Well, Vidmate’s performance has been consistently good. But some things deserve special mention. And so, here are some new aspects which are truly bringing Vidmate the fame it deserves.

Ever since the meme feature has been added, people have been enjoying making funny pics and sharing them over the internet. But not all users enjoy it. And so, since the extra tab can get in the way on muscle memory, VidMate has introduced the option of hiding the tab. Go to Settings in the top left menu, and you should see “Show MEME” enabled. You can disable it and your app will become just like it was before.

Another thing that Vidmate has brought to users in the past few updates is the ability to disable push notifications. Ordinarily, you receive notifications from the app about the latest movies, TV shows and viral content to be found of the app. But the feature has been perceived as intrusive by a section on the audience, and so the feature can now be disabled in the settings.

Features of VidMate Apk 5.0.14

  • High-speed download.
  • Download youtube, Facebook Instagram videos.
  • Inbuilt media lock.
  • You can save WhatsApp status on your memory card help of this application.

How to Download VidMate Apk 5.0.14?

The download process is very easy. Click on the download link below to download this application.

VidMate Apk Download Install

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